Xing Fu Tang


New Xing Fu Tang Location at Richmond Lansdowne Mall inside T&T opening on June 24


Xing Fu Tang Canada is Taiwan’s authentic stir fried brown sugar pearl milk brand ready to launch in Canada. Our signature drink and complete cultural experience is one of a kind and something other one dimensional bubble shop cannot offer. We have in-store interactive activities for customers and a culture of spreading “joy, warmth and love” with every drink made by Xing Fu Tang staff. Brown sugar pearl has been one of the hottest specialties bubble tea style invented by Chen’s family in Taiwan. By adding the procedure of stir fry in the pearl making process will add extra charcoal flavor into the drink. Xing Fu Tang Canada is proud to bring this one of a kind drink to Canada

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Yay! We’ve made a new friend in Vancouver!
Thanks for joining us on this new adventure to make our city a little bit warmer and fuzzier/cozier/more caring. We can’t wait to build a stronger community with you.

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